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Ombu spot 2015 from David Aguero on Vimeo.

Tv spot – OMBU

This is a TV commercial work that I did for OMBU ( a security shoe for workers) I did everything, 3d modelling, textures, light and shaders, animation, post, sound FX and music, 2 month work. all made in Lightwave 3d 11.6.3, textures made in Substance Painter.

Frog Turntable - Lightwave 3D from David Aguero on Vimeo.


Base model in Lightwave, sculpt and textures in Zbrush, animated and rendered in Lightwave’s native engine, rigged with Genoma. No color post, only a sharpen pass and bloom.

Space station

this was made for a contest moderated by Peter Thiersch ( ) and the Lightwave 3D group on Facebook.
Also I made a making of for CGARENA

Original post:


a strange phenomenon caused the destruction of Aurora (a small planet), in order to investigate, humans of alpha centauri installed a small space station on the remains of the planet… some people think that the planet was intentionally destroy to extract a rare mineral…

Made in Lightwave 3D ( Model, lighting, render and color corrected)
All procedural textures except for 1 texture hand made (planks)
Volumetric light and lens flares also made in Lightwave 3D


final render:

Aurora Station










The beginning of the… beginning


I will inaugurate this web/portfolio with one of my very first complete 3D work, my intention with this blog is to show my personal work and share tips or video tutorials of the stuff I learn on this planet, thanks for reading.

Original post:

A team of archaeologists make a shocking discovery, a strange signal came from an uknow artifac. another species is found near the artifact, is the owner? another explorer?

funstuff search the ten signs, there are 10 🙂

the cgsociety challenge lasted 60 days, I worked on this piece two and a half hours every day before I go to my actual work (except weekends). This is my first complete 3d work, allways doing test or some one else work, I take this oportunity to do the thing I like the most, fantasy concept art.

is pure 100% lightwave, 99% procedural textures, fog and clouds with hipervoxels render time aprox. 3hs (3200×1800) minor color correction in photoshop, bloom, and flares.



close up

close up



WIP video

CG Society – Challenge – TEN – ARY3D from David Aguero on Vimeo.